Content strategy

Effective content starts with a solid content strategy.
With many different channels, media, objectives and target groups, it's easy to lose track of things. A content strategy provides a clear overview and focus. It ensures that you get the best results out of your communication channels like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook or your website. Together with our clients, we try to find the most effective ways to tell the story based on their objectives, challenges and available budget. A content strategy is always created in strong collaboration.

The process is always a customized journey through the client’s needs, but often we follow these phases:

Preparation & research phase:
In the preparation phase, we collect and analyze all available information based on interviews and data from analytic tools. We deep dive as much as possible in the market, customers, competitors and popular content within the field in order to understand the clients' needs.

Based on the preparation and research phase, we host a workshop. We work closely together in an interactive setting on the challenges, solutions, the tone of voice and first ideas. This way we can get as much information out of the team and test directly some of the conclusions of the previous phases.

Development phase:
In this phase the choices are made based on the data we collected. Clear objectives with KPIs are formulated, and for each objective, the best strategy is determined.

A good content strategy must be also pragmatic, that’s why we translate the it directly into communication channels. As a result we get not only a paper document but a strategy that comes to life and can be implemented. Again we also have an important feedback moment where the client can give input and make a number of decisions based on the options we laid out before. 

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