EY | Content strategy & impact stories

EY | Content strategy & impact stories

EY likes to motivate their employees to volunteer and work on social impact projects during their office hours. In assignment of Limelights we developed a creative strategy with matching content that tells the stories of some special impact projects.

Brief: Inform and activate EY employees to join a social project and introduce new talent to the corporate responsibility program.
Campaign: We developed a video series of impact-stories to inspire employees.

Recent Work

Koningshoeven - La TrappeUpcoming project

Booking.com CaresContent strategy

Anne Frank HouseYouTube series

MELiSSA foundation/ESAOnline series

Hotel ArenaSocial media content

CamarillaFacebook campaign

Hifi.nlYoutube strategy and video production

RabobondenPodcast series

Hifi KlubbenBrand campaign

DeGastenSocial media trailer

ABN AMROFacebook campaign

MX3DProduct videos

Anne Frank HouseStorytelling entrance

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